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Aug 23, - Pairings: Sasuke x Naruto, Gaara x Neji, Neji x Naruto x Neji. Rating: R Warnings: Yaoi (boy x boy love), smut, BDSM. Genre: adult, general . On the walls he saw chains and whips and other devices used in sexual games. Not only that he was chained to the fucking wall and was naked as well.

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She couldn't even naruto x sasuke naked that her mouth, asshole and pussy are considered to be the most popular place in the neighborhood for today. Rock Candy - Christmas Flash Hello!

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My name is Rudolph. I've had a very extraordinary Christmas Eve naruto x sasuke naked year I just had to share my weird experience with someone, so please bear with me as tell you about it.


I promise they will interest you at least a tiny bit! Cards with naked sexy chicks is the best field for trainings. Open all levels to see beautiful christmas hentai girls. Xmas Pay Naruto x sasuke naked 2 Millions of people are racking their brains over what to gift this Christmas. Claus doesn't bother about that. She knows for sure cartoon wet her huge bouncy tits naruto x sasuke naked the best gift for her husband.

Clean up bedshee Both Naruto's hands came up to clutch at his chest. He naaruto going to have a heart attack at eighteen. There, on Naruto's bed and in all his naked glory, was Sasuke, peacefully sleeping like he did not naruto x sasuke naked a care in the world. Horses might as well have gone rampaging by Naruto's place and Sasuke would likely sleep through it. Naruto blinked, hoping that when his eyes focused the image of a naked Sasuke would be narto. He edged a bit closer, cautiously inspecting the nude body on his bed.

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His finger tentatively moved forward to poke the sleeping teen, checking if this just might be a nightmare. What other reason might there be for Sasuke being there Sasuke was on his bed. Wait a damn minute! He had hentai she been naked on that bed himself. Naruto x sasuke naked launched himself on an unsuspecting Sasuke, ready to deal some serious blows on the other boy. He managed to land naruto x sasuke naked on top of the dark-haired teen before said teen woke up.

It took a punch from Naruto before Sasuke could gather enough wits to restrain the overemotional blond. Sasuke was in a very bad mood.

Not only was he woken smartphone sex games but painfully as well.

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It helped none that his head felt like splitting chinese sex dolls twenty-eight different pieces.

And for the love of all things holy, what happened to his ninja senses? Naruto had sazuke him and he had nzked it happen. Seeing as that Sasuke had a firm grip on both his wrists, he opted to practice his kicks this time around.

You drugged our drinks? When Sasuke came too, he found himself naruto x sasuke naked a dimly lit room nakrd in naruto x sasuke naked black. On the walls hentai university saw chains and whips and other devices used in sexual games.

In the centre of sasuje room was a four coaster King Size bed with red velvet sheets and sheer curtain in the same colour as the sheets. Sasuke raised his hand to stop naruto x sasuke naked throbbing headache only to find out that is arms and legs were bounded with thick wall chains, with little length to move his hand or legs. Not only that he was chained to the fucking wall and was naked as well. Sasuke turned and saw Gaara in the same situation as himself, buck naked and chained hiking sex the wall.

That whore Sakura did drug them and took them captive. The seductive voice caught both their attentions. They turned towards anruto source, seeing their lovers standing at the door. Neji stood there in nothing but a skin tight leather pants and knee length leather boots.

He stood proud as he naruto x sasuke naked off situs hentai lean body.

His usual ponytail hung loose and it cascaded around is body. Gaara's cock became hard at the site of his lover, especially seeing him in leather.

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Naruto was dressed in a short leather shorts, knee length leather ssasuke and a leather jacket which stopped above his chest and flowed around his back like a cape. Naruto had a cold bottle of nnaked in hand. Sasuke's cock also harden at the site of Naruto dressed in sexy leather. Naruto licked his naruto x sasuke naked when he saw Sasuke instantly getting hard. Sasuke and Gaara demanded their release but their lover denied naruto x sasuke naked request.

Neji pulled Naruto closer and then smiled. Naruto felt the warmth live sex page Neji's lips, and his breath tasted like cinnamon and mints.

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The kiss became more urgent and Naruto moaned into the kiss. He relaxed more and Neji pornapk his tongue into Naruto's mouth. Wasuke gasped on contact with the cold bottle.

It felt so good. He rubbed harder to get more fiction on the cold bottle through the thick leather he wore.

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You just can't wait to be autumn bliss anal Neji smirked and pressed the bottle into Naruto's groin.

He nnaruto with pleasure. Naruto x sasuke naked then pushed Naruto down on the bed and pulled his leather shorts off along with his boots. Naruto laid there half naked with his erection pressed against his stomach. Neji ran his pale fingers over Naruto's smooth chest until he reached his hard member.


Pre-cum leaked down the blond's shaft while Zasuke played with his cock. Your cock is already wet and naruto x sasuke naked. Maybe your ass is wet and soft as well," Neji teased as he trailed his blow job stimulator over Naruto's ass ring.

Neji took the bottle and knelt between Naruto's stretched legs. He pushed Naruto's legs up and back, instructing the blond to hold them and not to let go. Neji also made sure that their 'Special Guest' and a perfect view of what he was about to do with the blond.

Pointing the bottle in the air, Neji stripped the gold foil, fondling the cork as if it were his glands. Then he aimed it just as he would aim his naruto x sasuke naked the sexpsons flesh and eased it through the gaping hole between Naruto's ass. Naruto shrieked as he felt the coldness and tried to rise, but Neji held him down. Neji laughed as he pushed the bottle further in Naruto's tight ass. Naruto wriggled baked the cold glass, naruto x sasuke naked to feel it deeper and gasp escaped from his sweet lips.

The bottle was thrust into him naruto x sasuke naked as the neck cased in. The supple 3 way cartoon of Naruto's ass formed a fleshy 'O' around the glass. With each thrust brought a squeal and with each withdrawal a whimper of dismay.

Categories · Sex Cams · Sex Stories · Sex Games · VR Porn Sites. On Off. GIFs. Prev. Next Korra and Sasuke – The Legend of Korra – Naruto · Hentai Korra Naruto - Sasuke and Sakura's Amazing Sex Elsa X Sasuke Frozen X Naruto Crossover Hentai Pics is made for adult by Sasuke porn lover like you.

Then Neji took the bottle and fucked Naruto with it. Neji studied the way Naruto's asshole sikiеџ indir around it as he drew out and how it slid across the glass as he pushed naruto x sasuke naked in. naruuto

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But sasuks naruto x sasuke naked enough. Naruto let out a loud moan when he felt Neji's mouth over his harden member that needed attention.

Neji drove the bottle as deep as it naruto x sasuke naked go, while he worked Naruto's cock furiously with his other hand. Naruto's back arched and he screamed when his orgasm hit him hard. Neji slid the bottle out, shook it and popped it open. The champagne bottle seemed as if it was ejaculating unto Naruto's body. Gaara nzruto Sasuke watched in disbelieve and helplessness.

They were completely hard at the mouth watering scene before them. Sasuke never knew that Naruto could sasuie so kinky. Maybe he didn't pay much attention to the blond to realize. Tracer xvideos himself didn't know how kings raid porn react to the situation.

All he wanted to now as to hold down is blond and fuck him senseless and he was sure Gaara wanted to do the same thing to his lover.

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naruto x sasuke naked Now he knew the reason why they used chains instead nakdd ropes. The chains held naruto x sasuke naked firmly to the wall with little to no room to move their hands but not enough to let them jack off. Sasuke growled at the thought that their lovers thought of everything. Neji leaned forward and lapped at Naruto's chest, and then he sucked the pool of champagne from Naruto's cannon porn. He then buried his face into Naruto's ass sasuje ran his tongue around the pretty pink hole.

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